The Ashley Madison Prank

A while back, the teenagers thought it would be funny to make me an Ashley Madison profile.  It kinda was, in a way, because I do not know anything about it other than it is there.  I do not know the password or if it has a picture of me.  I did try to delete it, but I could not from a cellphone.  My answer to that was, fuck it.  I am single.  It was a prank.

Later on, there was the leak of information, which still has no affect on me.  I still joked about my profile on social networks, and I still never took it seriously.

Then I checked my email. 

This still has no real effect on me or my life, but this is wrong.  It is wrong that I was threatened, and it is wrong that they may actually have information that could ruin careers and lives, based on intimidation.  This is how it affects me.  I am sickened that people would profit off the misfortune of others, and get in business that does not concern them.  It is disgusting.

The question now is, what can I do about it?

Probably nothing, but I will let y’all who may be a little nervous know if they let anyone know about my profile in three days.