My Flaxseed Banana Muffin Expiriment



Flaxseed is a healthy seed that has lignans, fiber, and Omega 3 essential fatty acids.  It can help guard your body from certain types of cancer, guard you against heart disease, and help lower your risks for diabetes.  There are so many benefits to using flaxseed, it is worth checking out.  There are also certain risks for certain groups of people, so those are worth checking out, too.

I find myself adding it to different types of foods and just getting creative with it.  This was the best combination I found.


I LOVE banana muffins.  What I do not care for is nuts.  Sometimes, a walnut is not so bad, but I prefer my muffins to be nut free.  So, I was sitting here thinking, if I do not want to add nuts to my banana muffins, what could I add? The answer was easy, since I have a bag of whole flax seeds in my pantry.

I used a regular recipe for banana muffins, just from scratch.  A very basic recipe will do.  I just added enough flax seeds to see them and not have it look like I went crazy.

The kids loved the muffins.

And they looked pretty much like banana muffins.