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Having fun with photo editors

Who knew the photo editors were so awesome on both Twitter and Instagram?  I was really impressed. 

I took a mirror and my iPhone and started taking some fun selfies.  On some I used color, on others black and white.

The end filters and results made these look amazing, though.

Nowthese are certainly not professional looking, but I am not a photographer.

I’m just someone kinda overly obsessed with making something artsy.

These are fun editors to play with, and the end results are kind of amazing.

Take a selfie.  Have some fun.  

The Ashley Madison Prank

A while back, the teenagers thought it would be funny to make me an Ashley Madison profile.  It kinda was, in a way, because I do not know anything about it other than it is there.  I do not know the password or if it has a picture of me.  I did try to delete it, but I could not from a cellphone.  My answer to that was, fuck it.  I am single.  It was a prank.

Later on, there was the leak of information, which still has no affect on me.  I still joked about my profile on social networks, and I still never took it seriously.

Then I checked my email. 

This still has no real effect on me or my life, but this is wrong.  It is wrong that I was threatened, and it is wrong that they may actually have information that could ruin careers and lives, based on intimidation.  This is how it affects me.  I am sickened that people would profit off the misfortune of others, and get in business that does not concern them.  It is disgusting.

The question now is, what can I do about it?

Probably nothing, but I will let y’all who may be a little nervous know if they let anyone know about my profile in three days.

Quick, Cheap, Easy #Ragu4you

I love making homemade spaghetti sauce.  What I do not love is the 3 hours, yes, 3, it takes me to make my own recipe spaghetti sauce.

My mom never made her own sauce.  She stuck with Ragu.  When I got my coupon for a free jar to review for Inflienster, it took me right back to the days when my mom made spaghetti with Ragu.

The good thing about Ragu is that it does have a homemade taste to it.  It works great for lasagna and spaghetti, alike.  Now, I am not a fan of pathetic noodles, so if I am in need of a quick pasta sauce, I team it up with veggies or ground beef.  Usually I will sauté the veggies, and it always turns out great.

A list of veggies to add are:

Mushrooms, onions, garlic, tomatoes, squash, zucchini, peppers, carrots

The list goes on and on.  

This is definitely my go to recipe for those days when I am in a pinch.

My Flaxseed Banana Muffin Expiriment



Flaxseed is a healthy seed that has lignans, fiber, and Omega 3 essential fatty acids.  It can help guard your body from certain types of cancer, guard you against heart disease, and help lower your risks for diabetes.  There are so many benefits to using flaxseed, it is worth checking out.  There are also certain risks for certain groups of people, so those are worth checking out, too.

I find myself adding it to different types of foods and just getting creative with it.  This was the best combination I found.


I LOVE banana muffins.  What I do not care for is nuts.  Sometimes, a walnut is not so bad, but I prefer my muffins to be nut free.  So, I was sitting here thinking, if I do not want to add nuts to my banana muffins, what could I add? The answer was easy, since I have a bag of whole flax seeds in my pantry.

I used a regular recipe for banana muffins, just from scratch.  A very basic recipe will do.  I just added enough flax seeds to see them and not have it look like I went crazy.

The kids loved the muffins.

And they looked pretty much like banana muffins.


My First VoxBox

I have done a review for Influenster before, but the box was a virtual one.  I was so excited to receive my first ever VoxBox in the mail.

This is the comfort VoxBox.  Included for free, and for me to review, are  tons of goodies.

I absolutely cannot wait to review these products and try these recipes for you guys.  There is so much fun to come from such an awesome VoxBox!


Fabletics is a monthly subscription type of clothing company.  When I heard I could get my first outfit for 25 dollars and was under no obligation to buy every month, I jumped on it.

Looking at Kate hidson’s line of athletic wear, I could definitely see something different in the designs that I liked.  The straps, the patterns, the comfort level from the ads were all just asking me to make a purchase.

First of all, the shirt I got is such a pretty color.  It is so soft, I am a fraud I may not take it off.  Ever.  

The pants seemed small but did fit when I put them on.  They don’t roll under my problem tummy area, and they are super cute.  They hide the problems comfortably.

I am definitely a fan.  

I may even hit that goal I keep making and work out.


Lizzie and the Open House

She couldn’t wait to show me her selfie.

She has the neatest teacher with the coolest ideas. 

She wants to be a cop. 

 i love the book book. 

There was quite a turnout as Dr. Gebel led the PTO.  

We love this school.  I am happy with all of it.

The Cluster Headache

I grabbed my sunglasses and I headed out the door. My mom was behind me, although I’m not really sure what she could have done had I fallen backwards. The light was still blinding and the pain had eased up for the moment, and I got in the car.I
felt the pain hit again as we made
our way towards the hospital.  My left eye was swollen and my nose running on that side again.  When the pain hits, if I had the means to alleviate it, I would.  This is the suicide headache.When I got to the desk to sign in, I could no longer see straight.  I was handed a paper to fill out and the man at the desk had to read it to me.  He gave me a box of tissues and by the end of him signing me in, my vision was as clear as it is with my glasses on.  I’m very nearsighted.  I commented on my sudden ability to see again, and he commented on how weird these headaches are.  Taking my seat, I wait for triage.

I hate when people make me feel bad about having pain.  Please don’t refer to someone’s headache as a little cluster headache.  If I’m shaking all over and my blood pressure is elevated by pain, believe me that it is pain.  I don’t remember much after this until I sat back down in the waiting area where I waited over an hour smelling the astringents of the cleaning lady’s bucket.  Not a good smell while in a cluster.

When I got to the room, I immediately got an I.V.  By this time I was hit again, and I was crying, holding and clawing my head.  The doctor came rather quickly, and had reviewed my charts.  I had had a ct scan in April for the same headaches, so he asked my opinion on what works.  My answer is Benadryl and reglan.  He says sure, and adds tramadol.  They get that going soon, and oxygen, and I woke up snoring.  The headache was gone.

I always know better than to celebrate prematurely.  I know what they have taken from me.  I have lost my last three jobs.  I have lost relationships.  I have lost friends and spent days in bed.  It is not just a little cluster headache.  It is a monster that causes people to take their lives.  It causes you to bang your head on cement or tile or anything cold and hard for relief.  It takes away your freedom.  Little is an insult to what I feel.

I was sent home after being asked if I would like fioraset or Tylenol 3.  Anyone who knows me knows my answer that I would love to say is codeine.  The answer I said is fioraset.  I got that and hydroxy some things.  I am hoping to last through this cycle with plenty of relief.  

So, my mom is here with the kids and myself and I am hoping not to rebound tomorrow.  We will see.