A friend of mine was talking today about trust.  It seems like such a simple concept.  We consider trust a building block of all relationships.  We need it in order for these relationships to even get off the ground, and it has to be sustained for the relationship to prosper.

Everywhere I look I see, “Trust no one.”  I hear people saying, “You just cannot trust people now-a-days.”  I know we all have the inner voice that tells you a person isn’t trustworthy, but how did we become so paranoid, no one trusts anyone?  I am not saying I would give any of you a key to my home, but as our relationships evolve through getting to know one another, a certain degree of trust follows.

I wonder, though, if the fear of trust is more a byproduct of the need for control. A jealous person wants to know who you are talking to and why. They want to know so badly, they begin to manipulate you and control you, and they pretend this is an issue of trust, and it is really just that insecurity and control.  It becomes abusive and it becomes toxic.  The issue is not that you cannot trust anyone, the issue is you trusted the wrong person.  This is not representative of everyone around you.  There are still good people in the world.  There are far too many to go on this journey alone.

We keep on dividing and isolating ourselves.  The government is an entity we have put too much trust in that let us down.  They want us divided and isolated.  They want us distracted.  Sometimes I wonder if the whole, “Trust no one,” is just another thing the people in power push to achieve the agenda.  That may seem far fetched, but this is such a thought out and well executed scheme, anything is possible.  There is power in groups.  There is strength in masses.

Not everyone is out to get you.  The ones who are, be weary of those.  Be weary of agendas.  Be cautious when you deal with the victim, the co-dependent, the narcissist.  Be aware of you, and your own boundaries.  Trust me on this.