Censored America

H.R. 347 was passed into law on in February, 2012.  This is the anti-protest, or No Free Speech Bill.  It was passed to make it a FELONY to protest in Secret Service protected areas.  This is a violation of the first amendment.  People are saying free speech has gone too far.  There were certain inalienable rights we were supposed to always have, no matter who offended you.  We used to not have the problem of grown children telling on their fellow citizens for being hateful, ugly people, because we knew if they came after them, they could come after us.  They have, and they will continue.  We became victims in our mentality.  We react like school children telling the teacher.

When did our skin, as a society, become too thin to tolerate words? Language is nothing but a manipulation of sounds you can just dismiss and walk away from, it never requires a censor if it lacks true vulgarity, and even then, it only should require an occasional preface or warning.   A witch hunt over words is asinine and we are in the middle of modern day crucifixion of anyone who steps out of line.
Our society is no longer free.

As they take away your speech, this manipulation of sound and thought, they strip away all you are as an individual.  These words and opinions, the ones that create art and novels and movements, you take them away from others while in the long run, you also punish yourself.  For what?  The movement away from certain words in order to create these safe spaces also creates an environment where the easily offended can ban what you say and create a buffer zone, all the while the real plan is to get you not to speak out against not the distraction, but the actual agenda.  We get the buzz words and our feathers ruffled by rabid screams of racism and sensitivity, and the fact is, there are no knives.  Maybe it causes a sting, but the sting is to ego, and it is not irreparable.  What is never to be repaired is the freedom for an individual to voice his opinions and beliefs, and that is a complete and utter violation to the rights of every citizen of this country, regardless of your personal views and opinions.  We have the right to offend each other.  That is what freedom of expression is about.  That is the whole shock culture type of society we created, and that is the very thing you intend to repress and send away.

If you do not like what someone says, do not listen.  This is not the good and progressive movement you think it is going to be.  This is taking steps to make sure you are unable to voice your opinion about bigger matters.  Matters where your voice is needed.  The little things are how it is getting started.  Stir up the public so they take away their very own rights.  The two most important things in our life, the two things that govern everything we do, we are told it is impolite to discuss in public.  Why?  Religion and politics are supposed to be a personal matter.  The two things that matter most in the lives of Americans, the very things that sculpt our society, are the two it is frowned upon to discuss.  What is the reason for this particular type of conditioning?  Maybe because if we start talking, we start thinking.  When we start thinking, we start figuring out the problems lie much deeper than the ones they keep throwing up to the surface to keep us distracted, and our dialogue, once again, is about that distraction.  It is never about laws being passed and what congress is discussing, it is what they throw in your face on the television.  And, they control that dialogue, too.  It is manipulated and scripted, and it is an illusion.

The question then becomes, what are you going to do when your signs and protests are considered offensive?  What are you going to do when your voice needs to be heard and all anyone hears is a comment you made one time twenty years ago?  What are you going to do when it is you?  Who is going to step up and speak out now, in  this modern day witch hunt society you created?  Nobody.  Maybe a friend or two who will quickly retract on the very suggestion the the mobs might soon beat down their door and call for their head, too.

Freedom came with a cost, and because the price was a little steep for you, you sold it to silence the masses.  Good job, America.