Food is Almost Free

I know this sounds like a foreign concept, but when you start to look at things right in front of your face, they begin to become much clearer.  There is an entire counter culture and they taken education into their own hands.  Some have gone so far as to be off the grid.  Some have no social security number.  

How can you exist like that?  Well, we have been conditioned to believe we cannot.  We have been conditioned to believe that we cannot govern ourselves and are too stupid to take care of our own children.  We have been led to believe we are too immoral to take care of our own poor, sick, and hungry, so we elect officials to take money from us and do it on our behalf.  First, though, they get their cut.

A very simple thing we should all know is food comes from the earth.  It is not yet illegal to have heirloom seeds, as far as I believe, and we still are allowed to grow our own food.  The question arises, why, if this is so, are people going hungry?  The question arises, why are we dependent on their corn.  Question after question arises and the answer is we have become completely enslaved and dependent on people who don’t give a damn if we live or die?

This is not Africa.  We have water we still have access to and not all of it is owned by massive corporations, yet.  Water is an expense and in some places gathering rain water will get you into trouble, but I see absolutely no reason not to stop complaining and start growing.  

Food grows in the ground.  

What a novel concept.

Some communities even have gardens that provide food for citizens.  Why is this not a massive movement?

Food for thought.