Defining a Woman- Real Women

Everywhere I look, I see the propaganda of what a real woman is.  I see it in memes.  I see it in ads.  I see it on television.  A real woman is independent.  A real woman can do it all, and she can do it without a man.

We accept this, cheer this, chant this, wear this, post this, and we never once step back and say, hold on, my grandmother was a real woman.  My mother was a real woman.  No, we erase all the history of every woman before us, and we speak as if she had really been oppressed in the life she lived.  We speak as if she was a victim.  The women who set the foundation for who I am are not victims.

These women were strong.  These women raised children and took care of men and chores and homes, these women instilled life skills and values, these women were real women.  No one questioned that.  She did not have legions of strangers and condescending friends asking, “What do you do?” and rolling their eyes, thinking, “you need to get a job.”  She had a job.

Feminism was our salvation, yet it moved our children into indoctrination of the values of a corrupt country.  We moved the firsts and the learning straight out of the home and straight into a room of strange smells and insecure attachments.  We left our crying children, and assured them it was all for the betterment of them, as we hurried the baggage of our partners out the door.

Feminism brought us rallies of upraised fists and scantily clad women chanting, “Do not objectify me,” breasts out and painted with words we just dare a man to read.  Feminism brought us the right to be taxed alongside our spouses, until we decided we can throw him away.  All children are okay fatherless.  We castrated the American public.  We emasculated the men.

Feminism brought us a class of uneducated girls, label clad children in tow on hip, Nikes laced, in a welfare line.  This is who we are, this is who I was.  Feminism made it okay, but we were not yet women without that job.  Help was unavailable unless you remained single.  A single mom on welfare has the ticket to betterment, but do not bring that man with you.

Feminism as we know it is a big lie.  The CIA and the Rockefeller families both funded the feminist movement.   They took the women out of the home and they began to mandate daycare centers.  They had complete access to our children through the most impressionable years.  They had access to them throughout their school years.  They formed all the thoughts, actions, and values in our children’s head.  They disciplined our your children, regardless of our thoughts on it.  Our children became theirs for those hours.

The core of the family was destroyed.  The values and morals and dinner, which should be eaten together and at a table, were now things of the past, and we called it progress as our families became strangers and we wondered where the time went.  Vacations occurred less frequently, and time was spent in front of a T.V.  Now, we have video games and phones to widen the gap.  If you are distracted, you are less likely to care.  The time went as a cash flow into their pockets.  They advertise the next new things on these devices, the kids see them, and as good moms, we go out and buy those very things.  And, we sacrifice our time to do so.  We say, look at this, I worked so hard so you can have this, and then the next ad says that is inadequate, and you buy the next new thing all over again.

We are all real woman.  I was a real woman unemployed and married.  I was a real woman with two jobs, and occasional three.  I remain a real woman to this day, no matter what I choose to do.  Your title and your definition are merely your opinion, the same as this blog is mine, and as long as we still have the right to state those opinions, I will continue to ask you to stop bashing other women.  We are all struggling with something.  We all should support each other.  It may just be the downfall of society is the corruption of the core of the American family.

Welcome to the New World Order.  Drink the Kool Aid, you have been programmed, and this article may piss you off.  If I get you talking, though, my work here is done.  Moms are not the enemy.  There is nothing wrong with raising your children by yourself and working, and there is nothing wrong with being a housewife.   I have done both.  There is a lot wrong with the anti-housewife mentality in this society this day in age.  I am not attacking you, I am tired of you attacking what I chose to be in my relationships.  It is not gold digging, it is not free loading, it is a partnership.  Respect that.