Dumbing us Down

There is a lot going on in our society, so much it is hard to even grasp what is happening, and harder to spot.  Then, there are other things that are in your face.  One of these things is the dumbing down of the American population.

We used to be so big on education.  There was a time when intelligence was a status symbol.  The more money you had, the more you could afford to be educated.  We knew its importance.  Education was valuable.

Not so long ago, people took a lot of pride in their academic skills. There were spelling bees and it was such an honor to be on an honor roll.  Sports were something you either did or did not do, but it was not equal in importance to intelligence.  A doctor had more respect than an athlete.  Coaches did not have to add teaching to their resume.

I remember the first standardized test I took.  I remember the importance of the filling in the circle perfectly and the necessity of a number 2 pencil.  I remember the anxiety, the stress that was put on doing my best.  It was serious business for a six year old.  I hated when those tests were coming, and now our children feel that anxiety every year.  They made it so that anxiety is year round because most of the teaching done now is only so the children are able to pass these tests.  Think about that.  What are they missing out on in order to learn the tests?

Not so long ago, they started telling us the unemployment line and minimum wage jobs were being glutted by the highly educated, and degrees no longer mattered.  I do not know many attorneys, but the ones I do know do not work in fast food.  I have never heard of anyone with a business degree becoming a Wal-Mart greeter.  Maybe some areas were a little hard to get into, but you cannot convince me that a degree puts you on the same playing field as a sixteen year old minimum wage worker.

In the entertainment industry, we have seen for a very long time, actors and actresses playing roles of geniuses who are friendless and lonely.  You see the nerdy outcast who raises his hand and is ridiculed for having a correct answer.  Nobody likes a know-it-all.  And you think this is unintentional?   The message we send is the same as we used to when we said you cannot be smart and pretty.  Now, it is you cannot be smart and a functioning member of society. You are an outcast.  You are weird and forever alone.

Lyrics used to read like poetry.  Words were woven into images as they are in any writing, and you could feel it.  Now, Lil Wayne says, “Pussy, pussy, pussy,” and you people are listening.  You are not hearing anyone telling you anymore, hey this boat is sinking.  You are glorifying lifestyles you cannot afford and never will live.  Not ever.  No matter how many Louis Vitton bags you have, no matter how many C’s and Mk’s you have on your clothes, you will never live the lifestyle you are glorifying.  They are selling you a lie.  And you are too dumbded down now to notice.