Why Google AdSense?

I get asked a lot why I have ads running on the top and sides of my blog.  There is a simple reason for this, I run ads on my blog because when people click on Google AdSense ads, that is how bloggers get paid.

I have been writing for as long as I could hold a pencil.  I have always found words fail me when I am in a social situation, but my voice never fails me when I write.  It is very seldom I cannot express what I need to say through written words.

Why Google AdSense, though?  I had a YouTube account that had already been monetized through Google AdSense, so I bought a domain name and I got a host and used WordPress to put it all together.

I love that this is mine.  I love that I have a forum where I can say whatever I want to say and my words are mine.  That is they beauty of it.

Anyway, that is why I have ads on my page, it is why there are ads before my videos.

There ya go.

Now, click on an ad.  🙂