The wonderful thing about owning my own blog is that I can say whatever I am thinking, and I do not have to water it down or censor it for you.  I will not water it down or censor it for you, either.  This is my opinion, which I am still entitled to, and if it means we are no longer friends, we really did not have a strong friendship to begin with.

There is a constant push in the news about what defines marriage. So much is wrong with our world right now.  Men still beat their wives, parents still get into arguments with their spouse and kill their own children.  We still have children who are in foster systems, drug addicted parents, overcrowded prisons, we still have all the issues that have always been.  We still have our distractions.  We still project blame.

Where is the rage over this?  While we push marriage and define it and while we still, as women and wives, have to fight men who control and abuse with control, yet the problems inside of marriages are minimized because two guys want to get married.   We are going to push marriage as this epitome of perfection, this sacred thing most everyone finds an out from anyway, and we still do not address the scars that remain.

Marriage is not a sacred institution for most people, anymore, and it hasn’t been for a long time.  We keep fucking it up.  We glorify it, and we already tore it down.  Gay couples are not ruining the sanctity of marriage, straight couples did that on their own.

Love doesn’t do that.  We failed at love.  You see it everywhere.  We failed at compassion and truth and understanding of ourselves and those around us, and we gave up.  Partners are expendable.  If this one doesn’t suit you, go for the next one.  Just like buying a car.  We are in a throw away society, and we are throwing away people, now.

Somehow we got lost, yet we want to define what is right and pretend it still works.  This is not love.

You quote the scripture and you shake your finger and your head, and I am pretty sure you sit there with disgust and lust in your heart and you probably unaware.  Maybe we all need to feel superior. Maybe we all need to believe somehow we did the right things and walk a righteous path.  Maybe you should read more of that scripture you are yelling out and direct it towards yourself.  Love doesn’t act like our society does.

The truth is people are not going to stop loving who they love because it makes you uncomfortable. People are not going to stop having sex because you want them to. It is not up to you to control either of these things. We are still individuals. Gay marriage is completely unrelated to pedophilia, incest, beasteality, or any other perversion you come up with in your head. That is YOU thinking that and projecting it on someone else. YOU own that perversion. And, you can pray about it, but YOU allowed that image in your head. YOU are the problem. Love is not.  

We keep on pointing the finger the wrong way.