Part 3 of Our Journey to Autism Support and Help


CPS had come into my home.  It felt like an interrogation, an unwarranted interrogation.


I do not spank my children.  I do not neglect my children.  The reason for them even coming over was they had received a complaint that two children lived in my home who were school age and did not talk. It was a hurtful accusation, and partly true.  My kids did not communicate the way most children do.  My children grunted and used their own languages.  My children were different.


That is absolutely no reason to call CPS.


The same day CPS stopped by, they dropped the case.  The question was, where do we go from here?



CPS had the answer.


I am not sure if I called Presbyterian Family Services, or if CPS did.  I do remember the first time I met with them.  They came to my home, and they were wonderful.  This was the first time anyone actually had a plan.


The ladies from Presbyterian referred us to Lakes Regional MHMR.  I remember I was so nervous, and I had absolutely no idea what to expect.  What I had expected was not what happened.


What I got was someone who listened.  What I got was compassion and understanding.  For the very first time, I got someone who knew what we were going through.  They got the ball rolling.


All of these years, all of this time I had spent not knowing where to go and what to do, all this waiting, it was about to be over.  I had people on my side, and people who wanted the best for my family.  All this time we spent in the dark, I was on my way to finding out exactly what this was.


And what it was was Autism.


We just had a few more steps to go, and we would finally get there.  We would finally have our diagnosis.  We were just one psychological exam away.


And the next part of the journey began.

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