The Respite House

TEEHidden in a small community, a red brick house on a pretty big piece of land surrounded by green grass is the respite house.  When you walk in, it is immediately welcoming.  The walls are a very light green, a very earthy color, and white.  To the right of the entry way is a very large room with a blocked off fire place and two very large chairs and a big, comfortable couch for sitting and reading.  It is a quiet type of room.  There is a large window with a view of the flowers planted outside.

Past that room is the room where they eat.  There is a very large table in the center of the room, and a painting on one wall, another window on the other.

The bedrooms are large, with large beds.  Two have bathrooms in the room, three share.  The rooms are immaculate, as are the bathrooms, with nice, new furniture.  I would want to stay there.

There is also a dining area with a bowl of fruit, the kitchen, and a large living/TV room.   Again, very welcoming.

The house has a calming effect almost immediately when you go in.  It feels much like a home.  It is so welcoming.  From the colors they use for the walls, to the paintings and decorations on the wall, everything is calming.  Nothing is loud.

I have absolutely no anxiety about leaving my children in this house.  The people I have met that run it are amazing.  Thee place itself is amazing.  I do believe my children will enjoy their stay.

It basically feels like dropping your kids off at a resort and knowing they will be taken care of at the same time.  It is a wonderful feeling.