Respite Part 3 Navarro County

The respite services were quick to respond to our needs, as far as having a time crunch, and we are set to go Monday through Friday of next week.

I called MHMR last week because I wanted to make sure we had our services ready in time for my trip Monday.  We all met at MHMR yesterday and it went very well.  We were informed of the services we are able to use, and how we can use them.

The boys told the ladies what they like to do and eat, they will be doing activities the extent of their stay.  A nurse will check them out upon arrival and through that stay.  Everything seems pretty much perfect.

A side note that is pretty important is that they do now offer behavioral therapy.  This was something we desperately were in need of and seeking in Navarro County about 4 years back.

Things are moving along.  Our little Autism community is coming a long way.

Tee Shirt!!

I know this seems a little rushed, and there is a lot more to say about our journey to diagnosis.  I will be posting as often as possible to finish our stories.

Thank you for your support.

Steph and Sam’s Voice.

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