Taking my Mazda MPV to the Mechanic in Corsicana, Tx

I was having issues with the minivan.   My car had been perfect since I got it.  I had one issue, once.  I had to replace a part that made it stall if you were stopped at a light or stop sign.  I think you call it stalling.  It would stop working.

I love my minivan.  I really know very little about it, other than it requires gas and oil changes.  What I know is it always gets me where I am going and it never fails to start.

The day the check engine light came on, I knew I was kind of screwed.  I have no idea about anything about cars.  It had come on before, but it always went back off.  It never blinked.

I took it to Auto Zone to run a diagnostic.  The guys at Auto Zone in Corsicana, Texas are very helpful, very friendly, awesome at their job.  They do not, however, have the capabilities to tell you anything beyond what the diagnostics state.  The codes said a vacuum leak or coil pack issue.  And, again, I appreciate that there is somewhere you are able to do this and that it can be done for free.

The car was shaking when I hit about 50 mph.  It never died and it never did not go that 50 mph for the short amount of time it took me to get it to a mechanic in Malikoff, Texas.  This is where I got screwed.  I am not going to tell you the name of the shop, but, beware if you use a shop in that area.

They said the vacuum was no problem.  They said it was an issue with one coil pack, they changed it and 350 dollars or so later, if you want to know exactly what it cost, I can get a receipt for the amount.  The spark plugs were changed and it was ready to go.  I took it home.  The check engine light came on when I got home.  They said it was because coil pack number two went out and they could fix it, and charge me a little less on labor.  Not okay.

Three hundred plus down the hole and a shaking car, I had to move and I really had no time to put it in the shop but I decided on this place everyone seems to recommend, McGee’s Auto and Brakes on 7th in Corsicana, Texas.  This is where the story turns around.

Immediately, he knew what he was looking at.   He did a diagnostic, he told me best and worst case, he even stated what it should cost.  He offered me a ride home from his niece.  They were great.  It turned out to be a vacuum problem, a coil problem, and one more issue that were all fixed for more than a hundred dollars less, by people who knew what they were doing and who offered me a ride if I needed one.  They are friendly, they are personable, and they went well beyond what I would expect as far as being helpful people.

Well, the van is home.  It runs beautifully.   If I ever have an issue in this area again, I am taking it straight there.

This is a huge step forward, for sure.  Back to reliable mobility.

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