I fell down carrying a small box to my car while I was moving.  I hadn’t been feeling well, I seemed to have a cold.  I’ve been getting up and seeing stars and darkness and I have been ignoring random bruising and just feeling tired. 

Since that fall, I’ve had two more.  I am in the fog, that fuzzy brain fog where you find it hard to carry on a conversation or even form words into sentences on paper.  It is that fog where you forget the ages and birth dates of your children.  The fog where your address sounds foreign and you forget mid sentence what you are talking about and you cannot remember your own route you take home every day, the autoimmune hell type of fog.

I had leg cramps.  My head is doing the dizzying migraine.  The nausea is there.  I’m in a flare.   

So, give me time and I will be back to organizing my thoughts and not having to backtrack every few words.

Much love.