Sitting here, in a hotel, looking at my sleeping children, I feel such a peace inside of me I have not felt in so long.  It is a peace I somehow had forgotten. It is an, “I know everything is going to be alright” type of peace.  It is at feeling one with myself.

 This time last year was one of the worst times of my life.  I had married the completely wrong person and I stuck around way longer than I should have in those six months, yes, just six, trying to fix it.  It was a soul-crushing disaster.   It was the absolute worst relationship of my life.


I didn’t believe in divorce.  I waited 38 years to get legally married and I was not going to divorce anyone.  The problem came when I got to the point where I actually wished I would not wake up at all ever seen again rather than spend another day in that situation.  Like I said, I had never been so unhappy.



I was so unhappy, moving in with my parents was better than living there.  So, like I’ve said, I did.  It took therapy and alone time to heal, but I have.  I am by no means bitter.  I’m only changed.  I know me and I know what I am and am not willing to take from people.  I now know what I want.



This is what is important, and I am glad to have had this day to dedicate my day to what is important, is my family.  And here most of us sit, minus two, and we are happy.