I Have the Best Friends Ever

I have always had great friends.  Maybe even the greatest.

I think it was around 1998 when I met Tuesday.  We were working at IKON office solutions in Houston.  I didn’t have a lot of business casual clothes.  I was a single mom and I had a pretty limited budget. I was living with Tuesday at the time.

I am kind of a slob.  I wad my clothes up or leave them where they fall.  This, of course, means wrinkles.

I was running late, really late.  Tuesday had already left.  My wool pants were in this wad in the middle of the floor.  I examined them.  There was no way I could go to work with that many wrinkles.  I tried to call Tuesday and ask her about an iron.  She was not there yet, so she couldn’t answer.  I had to think quickly.

Tuesday had a washer and dryer.  I could use the dryer.

I thew my wool pants in the dryer.

Now, I am usually not a stupid person.  This particular morning, I was.  To my horror, upon putting on those hot out of the dryer wool pants, I noticed the length was about three inches above my ankle and the liner was hanging out of the bottom.

I should have expected this.

So, I have to wear the pants.  I couldn’t just go out and buy new pants.  I could feel the burn rise up across my chest and face all the way to my ears as I walked out to the car.  I still got in. I still drove to work.  I still felt that same burn as I got out of my car and made my way to the office.  There I saw Tuesday.

She was trying really hard not to laugh.  I was trying really hard not to cry.  I was standing there, pants shrunk up three inches above my ankle, liner hanging out.  She asked what happened.  I explained.  Without missing a beat, Tuesday says, “They’re the new capris!”

And that is why I have the best friends ever.