How I Quit Drinking Soft Drinks


I looked in the mirror.  Not a half mirror, not a compact mirror, but a mirror I have avoided in dressing rooms and in bathrooms and in life. I do not buy new clothes.  I have people ask me what size to get me for gifts, and I do not answer.

I was a size 5.  I was tan, and I was young, and I felt pretty.  I might even say I felt sexy.  This was even with stretch marks and scars and the extensive list of things life inflicts and its impressions made.  I did not mind mirrors.  I did not avoid buying new clothes.  I never felt exposed when my upper arms showed from my sleeves, whether I was waving or whatever else you do, arms stretched up over your head, old-lady arm-fat flapping in the open.

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It is easy to ignore things you refuse to look at.  It is easy to blame circumstance, and circumstance did not make me overweight.  Loneliness is a great excuse to binge drink in bed.  It is also a great excuse to put whatever garbage you want in your body just because you gave up.

I do not give up.

I saw the mirror, there I was.  There was what I had allowed to happen.  There was every bad decision in caloric form,  in all its glory, in all of its ugly glory, on every part of my body.  I had to take action.

Beginning to change a life style, I believe one step at a time is the best way to prevent backsliding.  The first step I took was to dump the soft drinks.  This is not easy, either, when you are a woman who makes lame excuses and has migraines.  I will get a migraine if I do not have caffeine.   This is a fact.  That does not require mass consumption of crap.

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The first step I took was I ordered sweet tea.  I ordered it everywhere I went.  I had it with breakfast, I had it at random times of the day.  It was a very easy transaction.

Right now, I am ordering half sweet, half unsweet.  The next change will be unsweet, then water.  I am taking baby steps.  It is important to me to change, but it is also important that I stick with it.

No more excuses.

So, you may ask how long has it been?  Two weeks.  Have I noticed differences?  Yes.  My energy level is higher, and I am losing weight.  That is the truth.

I am thinking of making a weight loss blog when I get comfortable saying my size and my measurements.  I am really serious about it this time.  I no longer want the mirror to be my enemy.  I have aged, but I do not have to let me go because of it.

And my journey continues.

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Starting with quitting soft drinks.