The Egg Coloring Experiments: Part 3


Our third and last Easter egg coloring experiment looks way more fun than it is.  It is messy.  It really stinks, and with the level of fun that comes along with it, it is not really worth it.

My 11 year old twins, having Autism, left the room rather quickly.   The stink was way too overwhelming for their sensory issues.

I started out with my homemade egg stand.  I took packing and put t-pins in it to set eggs on to dry.  I did not boil my eggs, I blew them out.


I did this manually.  I could not find one of the egg blowers people mentioned using in various articles I read.  What I did was I stuck a t-pin through each end of the egg, making the bottom hole a little larger, and I jabbed it in and out of the egg, then I physically blew the yolk out onto a plate with my mouth.  When it became stuck, I jabbed again and shook the egg to loosen it up.

After I blew out the eggs, I left them on the homemade t-pin rack to dry.



How you do the coloring of the eggs is you take a bowl of water and you drop different colors of nail polish in the center until you get the top of the water covered, and  you drag a toothpick through the nail polish to cause a marbleizing effect.  This always looks so easy when other people do it.  We ended up with globs of polish in the bottom of the bowl.


The instructions are to dip the egg in the paint/water.  It does not work so well with a blown egg.  Trying to roll the egg in it to get it uniform is impossible.  I just was not big on this experiment.  It worked, in a globby, stinky way.

Next year, we will not do this again.