The Easter Egg Coloring Experiments: Part 2


In my quest for the perfect egg, I searched throughout the internet and I chose three projects that looked fun and fairly easy.  This one was my absolute favorite.  So much so, I should have blown out the eggs and kept them.

The things you need are the basic Easter dyes,  leaves, flowers, panty hose, and a place to dry the eggs.  I used just food coloring and vinegar in this project.  I also found my t-pins stuck in packing material were just as good for this experiment as the last.


I sent each child out with one Ziplock and an explanation of what poison ivy looks like (Lizzie is terribly allergic) and said they needed to fill up the bags with plants.  We had a pretty good variety.  I cannot really tell you what kinds we used, I have no idea about plants and plant species.  What I can tell you is that the softer the plant, the more easily it works.

Take your egg and place it in the foot of the panty hose.  Place the plants around the egg and secure the hose with a knot, then place in they dye you already have waiting.  I left ours in for a good 30 minutes.


When you get the egg out, it may be a good idea to allow it to dry for a few minutes before cutting off the panty hose and removing the leaves.  I did not.  They still turned out great.  Next year, waiting will be part of my improvement on this project.


Place the eggs on the t-pin rack to dry.  Drying time probably varies.

The eggs are definitely keepsake worthy.

One thing about this project is that it does require the usage of fine motor skills. There is a lot of minor occupational therapy going on, and it is good Easter messy fun.

We all enjoyed this one greatly.