The Easter Egg Coloring Experiments: part 1


(Lizzie was noticing we only had 5 eggs)

I like to think of myself as a crafty person.  I am always looking for new artsy ways to do things, and what is more artsy than Easter?

I Googled and YouTubed and searched and I modified a few ideas so I could do my own variation.   I tried three eggsperaments.  The first was egg coloring with rice.  It was a fairly successful eggspirament.  The second was dying with plants to leave the image of the plant on the egg.  This went very well.  Eggcellently, if I do say so, myself.  I suggest blowing it out and keeping it, which I did not.  The last was marbleizing with nail polish.  This was lacking fun, and the end product was not what I eggspected.  And I blew those out to keep.

All puns aside, the first experiment was the rice experiment.  We took three zipper baggies and filled each part of the way with instant rice.  I did debate over instant and not-so-instant, I just figured instant was the way to go.  Next, I put quite a few drops of one color of food coloring in each.  We shook the bags to distribute that evenly.  This experiment is not messy, for the most part.

After we got the rice all colored, we put in the boiled eggs and shook them around.  We did it until we got a desired depth to the colors and then we used rubber gloves to remove the eggs.   The results of ours were a faint color for the most part.  It was not uniform, so we did accomplish a more artistic egg.


In order to make a platform like I did, I just used some packing material and t-pins for sewing.  I have seen these done with cardboard and regular pins.  I like the way the t-pins supported the eggs.



The rice and the feel of rolling it in the baggy is a great sensory exercise.  You can roll the rice around with the dye and that is definitely a great sensory integration activity.  Then add the egg and roll some more.

I never had sensory integration boxes with different textures like beans and rice, but after this, I may do it.   It kept Matt and Sam busy for a while.