The Autism Awareness Dilemma

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Every day is an awareness day for something.  This entire month is Cesarean Section Awareness month.  It is also Autism Awareness month.

The thing is, I am pretty sure most people are fully aware there are such things as cesarean sections.  Most people you ask are pretty aware of Autism, as well.  I have very mixed feelings about the month and the day and the blue and the etc.

I always appreciate the support and love of neuro-typical families.  I really do.  We are inspired by kindness and understanding people we find along the way.

The thing is, my kids talk.   I think awareness is a very small step. Everyone is aware.  Some families feel they are too aware.  Some families have struggles we, on the higher end of this spectrum, will never know.

I have read several blogs of mothers who are completely against this awareness month.  They all had non-verbal children.  I think if I had children in my life with severe Autism,  types of autism, I would not ride the fence any longer.  I feel if this was my world, and my children had no voice, I would no longer want the cute bracelets and all of these things tend to drown out the silent population.

Awareness is great.  It really is.  Happy kids with smiles and “normal” patterns of behavior, kids who are able to voice these things, the ones who are not on that edge and not about to melt down, these kids may not be very representative of those who need answers and help.

That population remains silent.

The silent population is so very important.

They are a MASSIVE part of the puzzle.

Awareness is great, but we are all very aware.

I am trying to understand both sides.  Right now, though, I remain on that fence.