I am no Scheduler of Things.


I have never been a scheduler.  Not of things, not of events, not of this life.  Not even in brief or passing moments.  These are untimed, they free fall into place.  If they do not,  they just do not exist.

I need a scheduler of events.  I need a time table for my mess.  I think I am coming around.  The process is painless, although I may take a moment to whine.

Homeschooling in our home is not methodical.  We get up, unscheduled.  We eat on our own time.   Dress is really not even mandatory, I do prefer pants.

Teeth are brushed, yes, and hair may be combed.  Things are even read.  They are divided and multiplied, they are put in neat boxes and rows by someone who is, obviously, not me, and the thing is that this fits.   This altered view of this scheduled and filtered autism world, the one where it all must be in this package and box and uniform, it must be unwrapped in the perfect cadence, the perfect time, and then maybe it might just be appreciated without that dreaded end of the day meltdown.

THAT never came.  The end of the day came.  The end always comes.

The meltdown never came.

We have been using a program that is free.  The name is Easy Peasy.  I am not the biggest fan, as of yet.  There is reading and there is math.  I find it lacks Social Studies and Sciences, yet it does have religion…….

I shut my mouth there.

I will be looking around for something that suits our needs better as far as learning goes.  I already found what suits our needs better as a family.  Learning is the point.

Learning is always the point.

Kids do not have to be miserable doing it.