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Steph’s Life Introduction

Hi!  I am Stephanie.  I am a mother of 4 children.  The oldest is 17, my identical twins, Matt and Sam, are 11 and have autism, and my baby is 8 and my only girl.  We have a pretty colorful life.

Every day is a journey, of course, and every day is a challenge when you throw in Autism, especially with twins.

We have a lot of adventures in Autism, and we are going to start homeschooling next week.  The boys were being relentlessly bullied in the school they were attending and I just had to decide when enough was enough.

This should be quite the adventure.

We have a Facebook page for Sam,

A Twitter page for me

A few YouTube Pages

The main page

Sam’s Voice

an extra

And an instagram that is Stephie_lark

Anyway, this is the beginning of our blogging journey.

Much love,

Steph’s Life


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