Silk Sleep Mask

I got this silk sleep mask free to review. It is very nice, it is soft, they have so many neat products everyone should check out if you like silk. I give it a 7/10 because the issue I found is it is tight around the eyes even if you loosen it. But, it is nice and soft, like I said. You can buy one here:

Instant Peel- The Best Beauty Product I Have Tested


Instant Peel is definitely one of my favorite products I have reviewed.  It comes in a box of 6

packs.  I found that there is too much in one packet to use on one application.  Instantpeel

claims to be a natural exfoliant.  As you use it, dead skin just peels off, and healthy skin is

unharmed. It leaves the skin super smooth and very soft.  How I did it was I used a warm, damp

washcloth on my face, then I applied the Instapeel.  I used a circular motion to remove the dead

skin cells from my face, then I rinsed.  My skin was so smooth, I do not recall it ever feeling that

smooth before.  This is by far the best beauty product I have tested, and I have tested many.  I

got this for free to review, and I give it a 10/10.

Instantpeel retails for $50 dollars, and you can purchase yours here.   I did a demonstration on

how it works:

Cardboard Cat Scratcher

I received the Catboard Cat Scratcher for free to review.

Included in the package was a hanging scratching board, one for the floor, a fishing toy, and catnip.

The cat loved all of them.  We got the review for you on video.

You can purchase your own here.

Summer Casual Cotton Tshirt Printed Pocket Cat Top For Women

I always like getting fun products to review.  This shirt is just a plain black pocket tee

with a cat in the pocket.  If you pull the pocket down, the cat flips you off.  The shirt is

comfortable and soft.  The issue is they run really small.  I ordered a large.  It fits like

a small.  Aside from that, and it does take a while to get it in the mail from them, I

love it.

The price of the shirt is 12.99 with free shipping here.  I also did a short video review.

I give the shirt an 8/10, it is just a little snug.


Mushroom Immune Support Supplement – Activa Naturals


I received this product free to review, and I have been using it about 3 weeks.  At first, I did not

actually believe any kind of mushroom pill could help me with my flares and the headaches I

have, but this honestly has helped me more than any other product I have tried.  My headaches

have gone from over a week at a time to 3 days, and I just feel better overall.

After feeling so much better, I decided to look the ingredients up and see how they help.

  • Shitake mushroom High in B vitamins, aids in weight loss, supports immune system
  • Maitake mushroom Cancer fighting, boosts immune system, lowers blood sugar, promotes weight loss
  • Reishi mushroom aids to stop tumor growth, balances blood pressure, fights allergies, improves liver function, fights asthma
  • Cordyceps mushroom anti-aging, fights respiratory infections, boosts immune function, fights diabetes, improves liver function
  • Lion’s Maine mushroom helps ease depression and anxiety, cognitive boosts as well as enhancement
  • Turkey Tail mushroom helps treat HPV, treats flu and colds, aids with digestion
  • Chaga mushroom contains around 215 phytonutrients and glyconutrients, benefit nervous system, boosts immune system, helps the GI tract, good for the endocrine system, makes a healthier cardiovascular system

I have been taking all kinds of vitamins and supplements for years trying to get a little relief.  I

am so glad I found some.  You can purchase these for yourself here.  I also did a video review.

I give this product a 10/10.

Indigo 2 Ash Flange Pillow in London Linen, Set of 2

Indigo 2 Ash is a really cool store that has all kinds of accents from chairs and sofas to pillows.

I was very excited when they sent me two flange pillows in London linen in exchange for a

review.   I got the lime green ones, and I love them.  

The pillows coordinate with their drapery and upholstry as well.  The feather insert is 100%

duck feathers, and it is soft but sturdy.  The covers can be bought separately.  There are

swatches available to check colors.  The zippers are hidden in these 22″ x 22″ square pillows

with 1″ flange borders.  The fabric can be dry cleaned and is 65% polyester, 35% cotton.  Here

are some examples of other pillows they have that I thought were really pretty patterns and


You can pick up some of the pillows like mine from this link.  I also did an unboxing video.


I love the color, the feel, and the simplicity of the pillows.  I definitely think they are a 9/10, great

quality, awesome look.  I would definitely buy these and other products from Indigo 2 Ash for

myself, or as a house warming gift.

Chrome Black Bluetooth Speaker

I received this super cute bluetooth speaker for free to review.  It is a new and upgraded version

of the older one, with a luxury, high end look.  It has an electroplated finish for a chrome

appearance,   The back side has a rubber finish.  It has a high end driver with an aluminum

speaker cone.  Music and light are combined in this little speaker.  The speakers get up to 6

hours of play for just music, 3-4 with the LED light on.  Palm sized, you can take this anywhere.

There is also a stand on the back, so the speaker can sit up.  This bluetooth speaker can also be

used as a hands free speaker phone, support aux-input, TF card, and FM radio.  It has a

recording function and voice prompt  with 4 light effect modes.

I found the speaker to have a pretty good sound to it.  After I figured it out, it was actually easier

to use than other ones I have reviewed.  The speaker did not get very loud, but the quality was

pretty good.  It was not the best one I have reviewed as far as sound quality.  It is the best

looking one, and the most practical one for use basically anywhere.  The product can be

purchased here.

If you are just looking for a cute, easy to use bluetooth speaker with quality sound, it is just that.

On a scale of 1-10 it is definitely an 8.  The speaker comes also in pink, which I would consider

buying for Lizzy.

I did a little unboxing video to kind of show the speakers a little better.


Headache Hat and Ice Halo

In my journey with cluster headaches, I have become pretty much defeated, lately. I can find no relief. I was excited to receive the headache hat and ice halo for free to review, so I waited until I got a headache, and I reviewed them.

When I get a cluster headache, I can be one of those people who bangs my head on something hard. I can also just be one who looks for something cold. This is why the headache hat provided a bit of relief for me.

The headache hat has 3 rows of these plastic ice cubes filled with sterile water, and you can adjust them around the head. I put the bottom row across my eyes and I did feel a bit of relief. The halo irritated me because of the pain of the cluster headache. I would say those would be amazing for any migraines, though.
You can purchase yours here.
I also did a video while I was in pain. Here it is.
One of the issues I have had with other headache devices are strong odors, which can actually be mild, and seem strong with a migraine, and ones that melt too quickly or all over me. This does not melt into a cold spot on your bed, if you can actually lie down during your headache.
I sometimes get migraine headaches still. They are not nearly as bad as the clusters, and I do get very nauseated with those. I am pretty sure that I can use the halo for those, the pain is so much milder, and they are sometimes easily relieved.
All in all, these are great products. I thank the company for the opportunity to try and use them.

Homebody Accents Metal Sign With Rustic Wood Frame Review

I sometimes get really cool things to review.  This is definitely one.  I chose this sign for over my bar between my living room and kitchen.  It definitely makes me smile.  

They have such a huge selection of signs of all kinds, you can look here.  I chose this one because it feels so nostalgic.  I picked to get it  framed because it just kind of makes it even more rustic.  The wood and screws are both recycled.


Right now, the company is running a promotion with the code WINE15, to be used at checkout.   It is for 15% off at check out of 3 or more items.  This also results in free shipping.

Since the wood is recycled, not two frames are the same.  They are made of old barn and fence wood, by hand.  The company states the signs are glossy, full color.  The enamalized image is pressure-baked into thick 24 gauge steel.  It is an eco-friendly process that this company uses on its handmade in the USA products.  It ships in a ploy-bag for protection.

All frames are hand-made from recycled barn and fence wood, secured with wood glue.  The edges and corners are sanded smooth.  The back is glued on and secured with 12 5/8 inch brads.  Then the metal sign is secured with 4 rusted screws.  You can hang it from the bracket on the back.

The signs are great.  I definitely would love to get more.  They have them for all occasions, and in so many styles.  This was a fun review.

Brusybrush Extra Long Handle Bath Brush – Beech Wood Handle and Natural Boar Bristle Head

Occasionally, things just happen when you are reviewing products that are beyond your control. When I received my original long handle bath brush, I was out of town.  The post office left it and other packages outside my door while I was away and they were stolen.  This includes the long handle bath brush, and I am a sane person, so I would never buy one for $51 dollars.  When the company told me that they would give me more time to finish the review if I purchased my own, I reluctantly picked up the $18 dollar one I should have gotten for $5 at Wal-Mart.  That is my honest review.  It is overpriced and it has a bad odor when it gets in water.   My kids will not even use it. Get one here

The pic of the brush is beside a regular sized hairbrush.